Gold is a precious metal that doesn’t depreciate. This is why if you have some, you know that you made the right move to invest in it. However, an important aspect of this kind of investment is knowing how to take care of your assets. Thus, it is wise to keep your gold clean, shiny, and bright. It is specifically applicable to gold jewelry because this kind of gold can sustain the most contact. When you have some expensive coins, jewelry pieces, or other valuables you want to keep in tiptop condition, read on to know effective and easy tips for cleaning gold.

Things You Will Need

There are several supplies you need to clean gold. First, you need a big container or plastic bowl, a polishing cloth, some mild dish soap, coconut or vegetable oil, cotton swabs, and a dry cloth. Never make the mistake of replacing polish with baking soda. Baking soda is very abrasive, and can scratch your gold. Ammonia and harsh chemicals can damage gold, too, so make sure you avoid these substances. Take note that your gold will need a bit of a different approach for cleaning it if it is embedded with jewels like pearls, diamonds, rubies, and rhinestones.

Get Started with Cleaning

First, fill the large plastic bowl or container with warm water. Add several drops of mild detergent or dish soap. Use a spoon for stirring the water and making suds. Working with a single piece at a time, you can start dunking your gold item to the soapy water. You can use cotton swabs or your fingers to rub away any oil or dirt.

One important thing to remember is to avoid dunking gold watches to water unless you are sure that they are completely water proof. However, even then, this might not really be a great idea. What you can do instead is to dip a rag to the water solution, and use this for wiping and cleaning your gold watch.

Remove your gold items from the bowl then rinse it using clean and warm water. Dry each piece thoroughly with dry and clean cloth. Avoid using tissue. This is too frail and might only leave debris and lint all over your pieces. You might also try to air dry the pieces overnight.

Once it dries, you can use the polishing cloth for polishing shine back to your gold pieces. Polish in even and straight lines to achieve a uniform glow.

How to Clean Gold with Embellishments

As far as cleaning the embellishments in gold pieces are concerned, such as pearls and gems, you might want to practice strict care. Such embellishments could get damaged easily, pearls in particular. Never use any harsh abrasives or chemicals, and avoid using too much force when you clean each piece. For cleaning gemstones and other similar embellishments, you can use a drop of coconut or vegetable oil and a dry cloth.

Taking care of your gold investments is a must so make sure you remember these simple cleaning tips.

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